Navigate a new course for your investments

At Blue Current, we focus on delivering sustainable dividend income growth so that you can maintain your purchasing power without having to worry about inflation eroding the lifestyle you have created. Our portfolios invest in growing companies that are committed to continually increasing their dividends over time so that you directly benefit from their success. Our flagship global dividend growth portfolio has delivered a 10% increase in dividends per year since inception in 2009.

Our ideal portfolio company has a healthy balance sheet with durable margins that can withstand the ups and downs of the global economy. Most of our portfolio investments are multi-national companies that are positioned to take advantage of global secular growth trends and we seek to invest when the company is trading at a discount relative to their intrinsic value. We seek to find the intersection of value and quality growth.

Despite having both a global and international strategy, we do not invest directly in emerging markets as we are inherently skeptical of their shareholder governance policies.