Rock’em Sock’em Week

Rock’em Sock’em Week

What is there to say when there is too much to talk about? Stock market gyrations are clearly the focus of the week and nearly overshadows much of the macro data points that were also announced…at least in the minds of traders.

Value vs. Growth

If Edge was forced to put its equity philosophy in a bucket, we would have to choose value.

Update on Global Equity Correction

It is during these times that we rely on our investment process and the work our team dedicates to studying risk, asset allocation, and corporate fundamentals.

Update on Emerging Asia

Similar to many countries, China has faced its fair share of economic challenges. The shift away from the old growth model of exports and fixed asset investment towards services and consumption has caused economic growth to understandably decline from high rates in the past.

Update on the MLPs and the Current Dislocation

Since the inception of Edge we have been investors in infrastructure, including energy infrastructure master limited partnerships (MLPs) with a specific focus on midstream.

Weekly Update – 8/7/2015

There is more action in the market than meets the eye.