Weekly Update – 9/26/2014

Weekly Update – 9/26/2014

The new Apple iPhone is not the only thing that got bent out of shape this week. For what seemed like little truly market moving information, equity markets decided that it was time for a tumble.

Weekly Update – 9/22/2014

The Kingdom remains United for the time being as the referendum for Scotland to separate from the UK was defeated. The issue brought the voters to the booths with a reported participation rate greater than 90% in some areas.

Weekly Update – 9/12/2014

The importance of fiscal policy once again was made clear when Japan released its Q2 GDP results – a negative 7% annualized rate!

Weekly Update – 9/5/2014

Mr. Draghi has now left no doubt. Taking the ceremonial plunge of an additional 0.1% just to prove the point that there is no more room for conventional monetary measures.